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Case Studies

Genilabs specializes on solving difficult problems and creating complex software. Historically, due to the nature of our clients Genilabs has accumulated significant experience and expertise in the areas listed below. To illustrate the level of our expertise in those areas we have included examples of the typical projects we worked on. These examples include companies from different industries and locations.

Because of confidentiality concerns, we have not listed the names of many of these clients. However, references are available upon request.

Customizing ERP system

Service: re-engineering, implementation of new functionality
Solution type: desktop application

Our programmers developed various modules for existing ERP system using Borland C++ Builder and InterBase for Windows NT. We have plans to extend the modules to support handheld devices. Sub-contractors will be able to input data in real time directly on the construction site and get work order and information remotely.

Custom Content Management System

Service: web development
Solution type: web application

Our strong .NET team recently worked on-site to develop a custom made content management system for a European B2B portal. The core of the portal is a trading exchange for commodity traders. We have developed (and integrated with the exchange) full content management and work-flow management systems as well as several modules such as Role-based access security module.

Complex Internet portal

Service: custom development and web-design
Solution type: web application

We have developed both the front and back end of a portal that provides advertisers and publishers with a solution that works for both parties and allows webmasters to cross-market online advertizer's offers with other web sites. The system provides a comprehensive ad serving solution that enables publishers to drive prospects through banners, buttons, text ads, advertorials, pop-ups, integrated sign up forms and more. In addition to the front-end graphic design, we have developed the database architecture, security system, online payment mechanism and elaborate tracking features of the site's back-end. We have developed high-performance portal back-end in PHP4 and the database in MySQL in a Unix environment. Our Web Department has the expertise to provide masterful front end design and back-end system solutions for any web site.

Legacy code conversion

Service: re-engineering, data migration
Solution type: desktop solution

In this case we have converted numerous applications initially written with C language to Visual Basic. While converted applications could be run as console applications with the functionality left unchanged, we have redeveloped it to allow interactivity provided by Windows GUI.

Microsoft SharePoint customization

Service: re-engineering, implementation of new functionality
Solution type: desktop solution

We have developed specific organization charts using Active Directory (AD). These Charts are an extremely effective way to communicate organizational, employee and enterprise information. An org chart makes it easier for client's team to understand large amounts of information as a visual picture rather than as a table of names and numbers.